15 August 2010

Grapefruit Poppy Seed Muffin

I wanted to try out a new poppy seed muffin recipe, but I was out of the traditional lemon. Other citrus in my fruit drawer: lime (eh), orange (maybe, but not zingy enough), and a red grapefruit (bingo!). I just used the zest, so I could eat the insides for breakfast later. These turned out great! The oils give a slight numbing effect, less so than cloves. The flavors really compliment each other well, and I may try to up the grapefruit next time. I'm also not completely satisfied with the crumb. Perhaps some cake flour, replacing a portion of the all-purpose, would work well here. A light streusel may be a good choice as well. Overall, it was still a great success. Moist. Doesn't fall apart. Not overly sweet. The biggest victory here is finally recognizing that grapefruit does have a place in baking. I wonder what other ingredients I have overlooked?

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