15 August 2010

The Croissant

I always think it's interesting to see products made start to finish. It's kind of like a behind the scenes exclusive. I don't have the complete transformation for you today, but it is the best part. I currently do the night bake for Provence here in Nashville. That means I proof and bake all the pastries in addition to other tasks. The croissants are so adorable, resembling cross-armed men.
Here we have a tray of proofed croissants ready for the oven. To the side is a frozen croissant. How cool is it that a wee baby croissant grows into a big papa croissant? Double rainbow cool.
The finished croissant, all golden brown. I highly recommend that you toast previously baked croissants to reenact that crispy, flaky goodness. The sound of delicate layers snapping under my fingers, or better yet between my teeth, is music to my ears. Just look at all those lovely layers! That, my friends, is all thanks to butter. In the earlier stages, butter is wrapped by the croissant dough. It goes through many rolls and folds before being cut and shaped. This spreads the butter evenly (hopefully), and the result you see here.
Bravo, Shanny Shan!

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