29 July 2010

Ribbon Rose Wedding Cake

This was my first wedding cake that I took on for a friend. Her favorite color is periwinkle blue, and she wanted something very simple and traditional (i.e. three tiered, white, and round). She had been in catering for a time and was sick of what a typical bride may want. Fondant and Italian buttercream were strictly banned!

The original idea was to have periwinkle pansies from her garden. Unfortunately they were drowned by rain shortly before the wedding. In fact, most of middle Tennessee was flooded. We threw around some alternatives, but eventually she got frustrated and said just to use whatever flowers Home Depot had in stock. I wanted her to be thrilled with the result. I wasn't about to throw in the towel.

I found the answer from none other than Martha Stewart. I thought this cake was a good way to incorporate the color she wanted with the other factors that were important to her. The roses are baked meringues, sometimes called cloud cookies or divinity. Using meringues was a great way to show homage to their Southern roots. I used various shades and sizes to help keep the cake fluid and more interesting. The couple and their guests were very happy, even though we had to cut the cake while it drizzled.

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