31 July 2010

Banana Caramel Coffee Cake

My mother asked me to make something for a brunch. I had a freezer full of bananas, so I wanted to put those to use. Ya know, one can only have so many smoothies. I have been fixated over caramel lately, more specifically creme brulee. (Sinful but worth it.) That recent obsession brought me to the great combination of bananas and caramel.

My coffee cake was moist enough on its own, but I really wanted spots of gooey caramel. Halfway through baking, I pulled out the cake, poked a bunch of holes, and poured a rich, bold caramel sauce over the whole thing. I returned it to the oven until it was done. The end result had gooey caramel inside and chewy caramel on the outside. I drizzled icing on top to jazz it up a bit.

I am so glad I made an extra one, as are my kiddos. This recipe will be a regular, I'm sure. But I'll need to buy more bananas first...


  1. Sounds amazing! Can you make it GF, cause I would totally pay you for that!! :)

  2. I haven't made a gluten-free version yet. This particular recipe came from a banana pineapple cake that I fooled around with. But I'm sure it can be done!