12 September 2013

Moar Bacon

Bacon. I love it. You love it. I'm pretty sure even pigs would love it.

So, you buy bacon. How can you store it long term? The refridgerator is only good for a couple weeks. Freezing is an excellent choice. You can just toss the whole package right in. However, you have to thaw it at least a bit to get strips. If you are going for bits, use a serated knife to cut straight across the slices. This is really easy and quick. To keep the remaining bacon safe, put the package inside a freezer bag.

Can you make bacon shelf stable though? Yes! I have my first batch of bacon in the canner right now. This is a test run, so I used cheapo bacon. One quart is slices; the pint is bits. The slices are a bit more time intensive but not too much. They'll have their round in the canner, and tomorrow I'll pop them open to try them out.

1. Place bacon slices out on parchment paper and layer. You will have to see how many layers will go in a jar, since bacon is cut to different thickness. Make sure you end and begin with a layer of parchment.
2. Fold in half vertically and roll tightly.
3. Pack into jars, no liquid needed. I would not recommend adding liquid, as the slices may fall apart.
4. Pressure can for 90 minutes. Let cool. Ping! Rejoice.

I have no experience drying bacon, or drying anything for that matter...well, besides herbs. That is next on the skill to learn list.

So, the bacon was great! Like the bbq, the smoke just developed more. You could eat it right out of the jar, but ew. Just crisp it up a bit either on the stove or in the oven.

Both ways, strips and pieces, worked well. The bits I just nuked for a bit and drained off that glorious fat for later.

Tip: If you have a large family or just enjoy gorging on bacon, baking in the oven is the best way. I line mine on a cooling rack over a sheet pan and bake at 325 about 20 minutes. I would jot recommend going much higher on the temp, because the grease could splatter. Grease+heat=fire! And, most likely, you will burn it despite your best efforts. Like this awesome gal.

Canning bacon is a good option for shortcuts, stockpiling, and mmmm bacon!!

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  1. Oh, guys! This would be awesome for camping! Just toss it in your backpack with some just add water pancake mix. Yeyah!