27 April 2013

Canning Fresh Pineapple

Last week, our grocery store had fresh pineapple on sale for $1 each. I resisted the urge and made a mental note to look up canning pineapple. I knew we wouldn't eat more than one in a week, and these wouldn't last much beyond that. Good news! I found my info, and the next day the pineapples were knocked down to 50cents each! I bought 10 and went to work.
I chose to do chunks. It seemed like the easiest prep, and that is usually what I buy. I also chose to can them in water. I avoid syrups at all cost, and the option of cutting out sugar seemed appealling. Most of the time we eat pineapple with something and rarely on its own. The extra sugar will not be missed.
I ended up with 9 quarts with some "quality control" snacking. I guessed my cost was at most 50 cents a quart. $1 a can is a good deal at the grocery, so I think I came out ahead! I will definitely keep this in mind if I ever see a price cut like this again.
Oh! Directions!
1. Cut pineapple into chunks or whatever shape you would like.
2. Pack into jars and top with boiling water.
3. Process for 25 minutes in a hot water bath. The acidity is high enough that nothing needs to be added. I could not find any recommendations for pressure canning.
4. (My favorite part) Listen to the chorus of pings.

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