28 May 2012

So...my camera died. Or at least I think it did. You'll just have to use your imagination to picture my garden in your head. I'm really ashamed of half of it, as it is all weeds right now. The other half looks impressive. I'd guess that I've gotten two dozen peas so far, and there are plenty pods still swelling up. Green beans are about 6" tall and all leaves. Cukes are getting nice and fuzzy. Tomatoes are little, but I'm hopeful. Okra is looking good. Strawberries were a no go. It was my first experience with transplanting bare roots, so I'm sure it was me. Peppers are right along with tomatoes. I decided that the bad half I'll use for pumpkins. I just have to buckle down and rip up those weeds.

The CSA is going well. It's been mostly lettuces and greens, so the family is a bit bored. However, salad is all I eat when it's hot, and I've been sneaking the greens in scrambled eggs or just freezing them for later. I love mustard greens. We had some baby leaves in a spring mix, along with some spidery lettuce I forgot to ask about. But it is so zippy and spicy! I started piling it on my burgers instead of an actual condiment.

I have mastered grilling steaks. I usually suck big time for whatever reason. I just haven't been able to get it right. However, my husband and I had the weekend to ourselves, and I felt like treating ourselves. I pulled them about 40 minutes before cooking. Went heavy on the kosher salt, a bit of pepper. Threw them on when the grill was a screaming 500 degrees. And voila. Hubs didn't even reach for the A1. And that, my friends, is a rare occasion.

One more note, and I'm off. I caught this show called Frontier House. I am in love! I will definitely be looking for more episodes.

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