30 April 2012

Just a quick update on things. Peas are up, about 3" tall. They are so cute! I put in a row of those strawberries I got for free. A couple varieties of bush beans went in yesterday. I have started hardening the tomato seedlings. This means putting them outside for an hour, then a little bit longer everyday, until they go in the ground for good. Bell peppers are next. I just don't want to lug all that everyday.

My pressure cooker came in. I haven't tried it out yet, but I'm looking forward to it! Once I have got a couple rounds out of it, I'll post a review of sorts.

We signed up for a CSA with a new local farm, Delta Sun. I am so very excited about this! Can't wait to stock up and show the kids some "new" veggies and learn, learn, learn!

Our youngest is going to registration this Friday for Kindergarten. What the hell?! How did that happen so fast?

I went on this amazing women's retreat a couple weekends ago. It got me out of my comfort zone big time. I did not know a single person! I think that kind of helped though. It allowed me to be more of myself and just experience everything without judgement. I needed the break for sure.

OK. I gotta hop over to facebook and then get dinner going!

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